1851 Colt Navy
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1851 Colt Navy with engraved naval scene on cylinder, 44 caliber made by LLiPietta. New in Box with papers.  Addition Pictures available upon request. Shipping and Handling for all Firearms thur UPS is $30.00

When ordering reproduction firearms from Riverside Civil War Shop the purchaser must be 18 years of age inorder to purchase

any firearm.  A $30.00 charge per firearm on shipping.  All firearms musket or revolver shipments require an adult signature for delivery!

Before loading or firing any firearms purchased, we recommend a thorough cleaning of musket or revolver.  We do not ship firearms

outside of the United States.  You need to check to see if there are any State Laws prohibiting the sale of these weapons where you live.

  • Item #: 1851-1188

1851 Colt Navy

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